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      Welcome to Hobbikats Cattery
I went to my first cat show in 1986 and saw an Oriental Shorthair for the first time. The breeder invited me to her home to see a litter of kittens that had an ebony silver spotted tabby in it. I was smitten, and went on a waiting list for a silver tabby kitten. Six months later we got Sylvia with the agreement to let her breeder have a litter of kittens. After that, we registered Hobbikats Cattery with CFA in 1988, registered Sylvia as ours and thus began our breeding program.

We breed for health and personality. We have bred quite a few Grand Champions, Grand Premiers and a few Regional Winners. We have been very fortunate to be able to work with some of the finest breeders, and people, in the Cat Fancy.

But out of it all, the best part of breeding cats has been the friendships that we have made. It is also very gratifying when we receive a letter or a phone call telling us how much pleasure and love one of our kittens has given to its new owner.

Tabies Galore